Automatic data exchange between Excel® and SAP®.
Easy, fast and safe. Without any programming.


We help you transport your Excel data to SAP – and vice versa.
All in less than a minute.

SimDia² enables you to easily transfer all types of mass data automatically between Excel and SAP –
whether it’s for SAP master data management, for transactional data or for SAP process automation.
All without programming and without burdening your IT – in contrast to SAP-internal tools such as LSMW, Batch Input, ABAP or eCATT. SimDia² has been particularly developed so that it can be operated intuitively by every SAP user. For the first time, specialist departments are now able to perform all data transfers themselves with minimum effort, and this

  • Quickly
  • Without programming effort
  • In every version of Excel and SAP (including S/4HANA)
  • With audit-proof logging
  • Simply
  • Without transmission errors
  • Transparent in the SAP user interface
  • Without installation or setup
  • Reliably
  • Ready-to-use at once
  • In all SAP modules and transactions
  • 100% transaction- and access-secure


Enables complex SAP automation

With SimDia², you can automate any kind of complex data exchange processes in SAP that could previously only be realized manually or with elaborate programming. From simple field assignments over extensive task sequences up to complex migrations (e.g. from SAP R/3 to S/4HANA).

Over 90 % time savings

Compared to data transfers with manual data entry or individual programming, SimDia² reduces the time and effort by more than 90 %. With SimDia², even complex procedures can be created and made ready for automatic processing within just a few minutes.

Works with all SAP modules and transactions

SimDia² enables data exchange with all SAP modules and transactions as well as all masks, info types and dynpros out of the box – no matter if SAP standard, customized or entirely self-developed. No adaptation to SAP is required whatsoever.

Reduces workload of departments and IT

The automatic data exchange with SimDia² frees your departments from an enormously time-consuming activity. This creates free capacities for other projects. In addition, SimDia² also relieves your IT, as unlike other methods, it does not involve any programming.

No programming required

Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive operating concept, SimDia² does not need any programming. This enables every proficient SAP user to transfer data between Excel and SAP quickly and easily themselves, without having to strain IT.

Ready for immediate use

SimDia² can be used right out of the box, completely without any installation. Simply download, unzip and get started.

Compatible with any current version of Excel and SAP

SimDia² is compatible with
• SAP with SAP GUI 6.20 Patch Level 39 or higher (32/64 bit)
• Excel 2003 or higher (32/64 bit, incl. Office 365/Microsoft 365®)
• Windows XP SP3 or higher (32/64 bit)
Furthermore, SimDia² works with SAP R/3 as well as with S/4HANA, with any database and both locally and in virtual environments like Citrix.

No interferences with SAP or Excel

SimDia² is not an SAP add-on or plug-in. It is a stand-alone Windows program that connects to Excel and SAP via our specially developed SAP-to-Excel bridge. Neither integration, setup or SAP transports nor other adjustments of SAP or Excel are necessary.

Unique features

SimDia² offers you features that no other data exchange tool provides like this. Among other things:
• Targeted processing of SAP tables
• Data-driven allocation of checkboxes and radio buttons
• Processing of header and detail data without any special data preparation
• Dynamic modification of existing SAP data in only one work cycle

No initial expenditure or additional costs

With SimDia², there are no initial expenditures or additional costs, neither for setup and implementation nor for lengthy employee trainings. This is ensured by the immediate operability, the intuitive usage concept and the detailed and individual online demonstration, which each of our customers receives free of charge. Also maintenance & support are already fully included in the license fees.

Fulfills all safety requirements

Data exchange with SimDia² is performed fully transparent via the SAP user interface, and that
• with strict application of the SAP roles and authorization concept
• in full compliance with SAP transaction and access security
• with detailed logging of all performed transactions as well as all SAP notifications
• with individually customizable permissions for each specific SimDia² user

Fair and flexible licensing conditions

With SimDia², there is no artificial separation between developer and user licenses; you will always get unrestricted full licenses. You yourself decide on the roles and authorizations of your users, which you can change whenever you want. In addition, SimDia² offers different license types that you can combine flexibly according to your requirements and extend at any time. The annual license fee covers all costs. You pay transparently and calculably only for what you really need.


Please select your department:

Take data exchange between Excel and SAP into your own hands.


SimDia² is the only data exchange solution specifically designed for SAP users. With SimDia², SAP users for the first time are able to perform all data transfers between Excel and SAP completely independently. Unlike with other tools, no IT support is necessary – if so desired.

SimDia² works entirely without programming and can be applied by any experienced SAP user. With SimDia², you can easily automate SAP processes of any complexity, from simple field assignments to extensive transaction sequences.


SimDia² integrates itself seamlessly into the familiar SAP GUI user interface. The entire handling works via simple button clicks, and the data exchange is performed transparently and always traceable within the accustomed SAP masks. This means you don’t have to get used to a new program and can get started right away.

The integrated Recording Wizard supports you step by step during the preparation and processing of the data transfers. This allows you to create the complete recording for an automatic data transfer faster than even transferring a single data set manually.

90 percent less effort – 100 percent safety.


With SimDia², all data input is made via the SAP GUI instead of accessing the database directly (here the link to the official security assessment of SAP GUI Scripting by SAP). This guarantees that the SAP roles and authorizations concept is fully complied with and that all checking and validation measures provided by SAP are implemented. This ensures that SimDia² users can only perform actions in SAP that are specifically permitted for them by the SAP system.

In addition, you can individually set the authorizations of each specific SimDia² user via the supplied admin tool. For example, you can specify that only the IT or individual key users may create and edit recordings, which are then forwarded to the departments for performing the subsequent data transfers.

Highly compatible & ready-to-use

SimDia² works:

  • with all current versions of Windows, Excel and SAP
    (each 32/64 bit, incl. Office 365/Microsoft 365 and S/4HANA)
  • with all databases including HANA
  • locally and in remote environments (e.g. Citrix)
  • with all SAP modules and transactions
  • without modifications to Excel or SAP

No installation, integration or setup in Excel or SAP is required.

Crucial data can be found throughout your enterprise. But often not where they belong.

Avoid poor data quality and availability

Data exchange between Excel and SAP is a common part of daily work with SAP systems. Despite the increasing use of platforms for central data management, enterprise-relevant data is often still scattered and available only in simple Excel tables.

Getting this data into the central SAP system is currently taking up a lot of time and effort. It either requires complex programming or is still done by hand, which is both highly laborious and error-prone. As a result, essential data often only makes it into the SAP system late, incompletely, or even not at all, with the corresponding consequences:

  • Delays and stagnant processes
  • Inconsistent or duplicate data pools
  • Enterprise planning based on incomplete data
  • Misdecisions caused by outdated or incorrect information

Gain higher productivity, more capacity and lower costs

SimDia² solves this problem by automating the data exchange between Excel and SAP. In this way, you not only ensure significantly better data quality in your company, but also create free capacities in specialist departments and IT.

This is due to the fact that SimDia² reduces the time and effort required for data exchange by more than 90 percent compared to previous methods. In addition, SimDia² does not incur any one-off costs and amortizes itself from as little as one saved hour per month.



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“In our Europe-wide migration to SAP Automotive, SimDia² saves us almost two months of project time for each plant.”

“In the MAN project POWER, we are shifting the entire administration of our Europe-wide production chain to SAP. Among other things, the complete existing and very heterogeneous system landscape of our plants will be migrated to the SAP Automotive standard. Until recently, this required over 150 different migration programs and scripts. We have now been able to replace most of them with a single program – SimDia² – and thus greatly simplify our processes.

Since SimDia² is really easy to learn and use, a large part of the migration preparations can now be done by the respective departments themselves in a short time. This saves us almost 2 months of project time per plant – well over 6 months in total already.”

Olcay Yildirim, Head of subproject POWER, MAN Truck & Bus

“SimDia² has greatly simplified our work with SAP. It reduces our time expenditure, increases our data quality and pays off even for the smallest amounts of data.”

“As a medium-sized BPO specialist in human resources, we cannot and do not want to waste time on tailoring our software platforms – especially SAP – to our requirements. We are therefore very pleased to have found a competent and flexible partner in ERSAsoft, who enables us to simplify our work with SAP without costly time and financial investments.

With the help of SimDia², our employees are now able to import any data into SAP fully automatically. Due to its ease of use, this is worthwhile even with the smallest amounts of data. For we can not only drastically reduce the time required, but also increase the quality of our data, as transmission errors can no longer occur.

For us and especially for our customers, the use of SimDia² offers only advantages: Our specialists are relieved of routine work, and we can provide our customers with much faster and better service.”

Harald Strixner, CEO, Personal Partner Strixner

“ERSAsoft’s support deserves a lot of praise. Here the customer is really still king; something like that you’ll hardly ever find anymore.”

“We are currently using SimDia² in real estate management (SAP RE) and SAP controlling. Further areas of application are under consideration at the moment.

A big praise goes to the support. Not only before, but also after purchasing the software, you will receive immediate help – here the customer is really still king; something you unfortunately hardly ever find today.”

Alfred Grabosch, IT Coordinator, Bavarian chamber for social benefits and pensions

“SimDia² is really easy to use and implemented in a very short time. The extremely fast support provided by ERSAsoft has always been a great help in successfully accomplishing even complex tasks.”

“Before the introduction of SimDia², we had to resort to LSMW to import our Excel data into SAP. However, it became apparent that the use of LSMW was too time-consuming in the long run, especially for annual financial statements, but also for migration projects or master data changes. In addition, we quickly needed a solution for a current project that would enable us to complete our data import on time.

ERSAsoft provided us with a test version of SimDia² free of charge and supported us in its implementation. This enabled us to accomplish the data import “spontaneously” within the shortest possible time. The current requirement could therefore be fulfilled instantly. Otherwise, the IT department would have had to create several programs at short notice, which would probably have delayed the time-critical project.

After the successful test, we introduced SimDia² in various business areas. The installation-free operation and simplicity of SimDia² as well as the provided documentation and online videos were a great help. The training of our colleagues to use SimDia² on their own took less than 10 minutes. LSMW has not been in use here since then.”

Joachim Schütz, System Manager Accounting, German Society for International Cooperation

“For us, Simdia² is the simply smarter alternative to LSMW,
both in terms of user-friendliness and functionality!”

“We have been using SimDia² since 2015 as a clever alternative to LSMW for mass changes and entries of any kind in SAP. We particularly like the ease of use of SimDia² when creating and running import recordings. As a result, even individual mass changes can be made “on the fly” quickly and without any programming effort.

The many advanced functions of SimDia² compared to LSMW also prove extremely useful time and again. Particularly worth mentioning here are the mass maintenance of tables with automatic search function for the correct row and dynamic creation of new rows (e.g. for partner functions) or the easy mass maintenance of long texts (especially with the latest version of SimDia² via the SAP legacy row editor).

In addition, the very good support provided by ERSAsoft as well as the uncomplicated program updates with always new and useful functions round off the overall package for us.”

Alexander Keul, IT/Process Management, Leifheit

“SimDia² relieves both our specialist departments and our IT in numerous areas. And the support provided by ERSAsoft is exemplary!”

“We have a very broad spectrum of SAP applications at the Munich Municipal Hospital: Clinical system, purchasing, technology, real estate management RE-FX, and certainly more to come in the future.

SimDia² has met with a great response both in IT and in the specialist departments. The departments now finally have a tool at hand with which they can easily, quickly and safely create and revise large amounts of data. This relieves our IT of routine tasks and gives them more time to “cut down trees” – i.e. for process design and optimization.

Support is also exemplary. ERSAsoft still takes real personal care of their customers!”

Peter Zimmermann, Department Technology Management, Munich Municipal Hospital Group


The following is a real case from a large German industrial corporation:

Annual recruitment of 2400 trainees

For the annual recruitment of 2400 trainees, their basic data needs to be transferred into the SAP system. The collection and provision of the basic data takes place over the year and is distributed over about 80 individual Excel files. The data is transferred to SAP using transaction PA40 (personnel measures), where several screens must be filled in for each data set. This transfer was previously performed manually and took about 5 minutes per data set.

After the migration of this process to SimDia², the data transfer to SAP is now done fully automatic. The time required to prepare and start a transfer is less than 1 minute per Excel file. The import is then performed automatically in the background.

The process itself was successfully migrated in less than an hour – from unpacking the software over setting up a directory structure to the completion of the import project.

Comparison: Manual data input vs. Automatic SAP import with SimDia²

ManualWith SimDia²
Annual expenditure
2400 data sets
x 5 minutes per data set
= 200 hours
80 Excel tables
x 1 Minute per table
= 1.5 hours
Annual costs
200 hours
x 60 Euro / hour*
= 12,000 Euro
1.5 hours
x 60 Euro / hour*
= 90 Euro

*) Full-cost hourly rate assumed for calculation example

For our case, this translates into annual savings of 198.5 hours and 11,910 Euro – for one single process automated with SimDia². If you want to know just how much time and effort you can save in the future with SimDia², then simply use our savings calculator:


Of course we are aware that your exact effort is influenced by many more values and can fluctuate considerably every month. Above all, the time and effort per imported data set depends on so many criteria (SAP transaction used, complexity of the data, number of data fields per data set etc.) that only an approximate average value can be given here.

The savings calculator should therefore only provide you with an orientation aid on how high your current effort for data exchange between Excel and SAP is, and whether the use of SimDia² is profitable for you. In general, if your current effort amounts to more than one hour per month, you should take a closer look at SimDia². We would be happy to tell you more about it!

We would like to point out in this regard that the price for SimDia² is not included in the result of the savings calculator. This is simply due to the fact that the license requirements are very different for each company and therefore a serious blanket price statement is not possible. For this reason, we will analyze your individual situation in detail together with you and, based on this, prepare an offer tailored to your company’s needs which exactly matches your intended use.

We will gladly take the time to analyze your individual use case together with you and find out how SimDia² can best support you. Just get in touch with us!

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