Our company

A family business in every respect.
With solutions “by users for users”.

ERSAsoft is an owner-managed family business. For us, this is not only defined by how we work together, but also by the personal relationship we maintain with our customers. We consider ourselves your partners, and we wish to work with you openly, trustfully and productively for a long time. It is important to us above all that our cooperation is fun, fair and beneficial for everyone involved.

Since we have no investors to satisfy, we are solely committed to ourselves and our customers. Therefore, our primary goal is not the maximum possible profit, but the best possible mutual benefit.

That’s why we’ll never try to sell you anything that you don’t really need. Instead, we will always provide you exactly with what makes sense for you in your specific business environment.

Our software solutions are the result of the experiences we have made in many years of work with SAP®. This gave rise to the desire to make working with SAP more convenient for us and others through clever programming – in other words, “making SAP easy”. That is why we do not develop our software purely as a business model or from a technician’s point of view, but “by users for users”.

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