SimDia² free of charge for clinics and
healthcare institutions fighting COVID-19

The Corona pandemic is concerning all of us. And even though our possibilities as a company are limited, we would like to support the healthcare system in the current situation as best as we can.

Therefore, we are offering a time-limited, but otherwise completely unrestricted version of SimDia²

  • free of charge
  • without any obligations
  • effective immediately

to all clinics and healthcare institutions involved in the fight against COVID-19 – no matter if customers of ERSAsoft or not.

With this version, any number of employees can work with SimDia² simultaneously and without any restrictions. This way we would like to support you in relieving your administration, so that you can focus on what really matters right now: helping people and overcoming the pandemic.

The free version of SimDia² is valid provisionally until 30.04.2021. Depending on the situation and duration of the Corona crisis, we will extend the runtime of the version beyond that date if necessary.

To receive SimDia² free of charge, simply contact us at or via our contact form.

We will then provide you with your free version of SimDia² as soon as possible.

Please take note:

As our personnel resources are limited, we ask for your understanding that for the free version of SimDia², we can provide support in exceptional cases only.

You will find all the necessary knowledge to work successfully with SimDia² in the videos on our homepage as well as in the user manual that is enclosed with the software (sub-folder DOC).

The information about the system requirements of SimDia² can also be found on our homepage. Beyond the requirements mentioned there, no adjustments are necessary in SAP or Excel. The time required for the implementation of SimDia² is therefore only a few minutes.

All the best and stay healthy

Your ERSAsoft team

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